Sourcefabric's <FWD:media> initiative provides
free live blogging services and support to a
selected number of independent web projects in
journalism and activism.

Are you a media organisation or NGO working to integrate technology into a journalism or reporting project and looking for a live storytelling tool? We can outfit you with the technology for free and help you get started. Learn more about Live Blog.

The first round of applications is now closed. Round 2 will open in May 2016. Meanwhile, you can see the winners of Round 1.

Live Blog for

Live Blog helps journalists, reporters and
organisations tell their stories as they unfold.

Live Blog was developed to provide media organisations with a tool for live reporting crisis or real-time events like natural disasters or breaking news. Whether from your desk or live from the event, you can update your live blog in real-time.

Live Blog can be easily embedded in your website. Simply paste the code and start spreading the news!

Easy to use, Live Blog is web-based which means that there is no need to install any software. It is versatile, flexible and can incorporate text, images, social media, videos, audio and more.

What we provide

Here's what you can expect when you partner up with us to use Live Blog

  • We get you started

    You don't need any coding skills to start and run a Live Blog project. We set you up with short personal video training and have a number of fun tutorials to get you started. We also offer basic support throughout your project.

  • We host your Live Blog

    Live Blog is hosted in the cloud and managed (and paid for) by Sourcefabric. Generally, we sign you up for six months' hosting. If your project is longer, don't worry, tell us about it and we'll see what we can do.

  • We give you training

    With the <FWD:media> initiative, Sourcefabric offers a basic support package. This means a 2-4 hour start up training, including basic live reporting coaching if necessary.

  • We follow you throughout

    Live Blog can be embedded in any website easily. We will guide you throughout your project. We breathe journalism and have experience in supporting live reporting worldwide.

  • We make you part of our community

    Through our global community of partners, we give you access to advice and experience from seasoned organisations that can benefit all of us. We encourage discussion and mutual support and seek to continuously refine our software. We love hearing about improvement ideas from all members of the community.

  • We help you shine

    We will provide you with ideas and tips for increasing the visibility and outreach of your project. We can help you develop your communication strategy and share our networks for outreach.

What we do not offer
within <FWD:media> *

  • Financial support or grants
  • Travel expenses
  • Tech equipment
  • New software features
  • Website redesign

* If you are in need of any of the above, feel free to ask us! We might be able to advise you.

Who should apply

We want to work with all of you, but unfortunately we have to limit our scope by putting forth a few requirements. Here's a checklist to see if we're a good match.

You have a journalistic or nonprofit project. We offer you a new collaborative storytelling tool to report live events or projects from the field. We’d like to see that you’ve thought about whether there’s a genuine match between Live Blog and your project and have a solid argument for why Live Blog can help.
You're working on the topics of independent media, social change, youth empowerment or humanitarian aid. These are the areas where we’d like to focus our efforts. If you are working on another type of social change project, please get in touch with us directly to talk more about possible avenues of support.
How long has your project or organisation been running? It's not always a problem if you're brand new, but it helps if we can see some proof that you are sustainable.
You are committed to actively using Live Blog for your project and have already allocated human and technical resources to produce content to feed the (blog)s.
You are willing to share your Live Blog experience with us. We are interested in telling your story and sharing your testimonial on how live reporting benefits your work.

Check, check, check, check? It's a match! If that still sounds good, apply.


The first round of applications is now closed. Round 2 will open in May 2016. Come back! Meanwhile, you can see the winners of Round 1. If you have further questions, see our FAQs or get in touch.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to a few key questions you may have. Don't see what you're looking for? Need more support? Get in touch!

  • Q: What is FWD:Media? ▼

    A: <FWD:media> (read "forward media") is a media development iniative by Sourcefabric. Launched in 2016, it's aim is to give publicity to Sourcefabric's work in supporting independent media initiatives worldwide.
  • Q: What is Sourcefabric? ▼

    A: Founded in 2010, Sourcefabric is a nonprofit rganisation based in the Czech Republic. Our mission is to empower quality journalism worldwide through software development and services. All our software is open source. You can find more information about our mission, history and software on our website.
  • Q: My organisation has nothing to do with media, can I still apply? ▼

    A: Yes. <FWD:media> is open to any organisation or project. While Live Blog was developed with news organisations in mind, it has also been used by NGOs to report on their field work or by institutions to report on big events and conferences. We hope that you'll find even more creative ways to put Live Blog to use.
  • Q: What are a few examples of similar project you have supported in the past? ▼

    A: We have experience working with a wide range of projects. We've worked with large media organisations using Live Blog to cover breaking news or current events, informal groups of freelancers looking to tailor their global/local reporting and organisations looking for a solution to crisis reporting from the ground.
  • Q: How long is the review process? When will I know the results? ▼

    A: Our team will review your application and respond within two weeks following the deadline. There will be at least four rounds of applications in 2016 and you're welcome to apply again if your organisation/project didn't qualify the first time.
  • Q: What is the time period for project implementation? ▼

    A: Setting up Live Blog takes no more than five minutes. You might need more time to organise your resources and receive training, but all in all, you should be fully up and running within a week or two. The length of time we work with a selected project will vary, but you should expect this to be a 6 to 12 month commitment at most. If your project could continue to benefit from our support and engagement we are open to extending collaboration outside of this call timespan.
  • Q: What kind of financial support do you offer? ▼

    A: There are no grants or financial support included in this initiative. Our version of financial support comes in the form of access to a professional tool (Live Blog) with free managed hosting and access to one-on-one support. If you are in need of additional financial support, would you be willing to apply for joint funding with us? Joint funding is a win-win situation: both sides benefit. We can work with you to locate and apply for the right kind of grants.

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